Brushless Double Bearing HV, Brushless Double Bearing HV Manufacturer, Mumbai, India
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Brushless Double Bearing HV


Brushless Double Bearing HV


Range 750 kVA to 4000 kVA
Operates at lower than permitted temperature longer life
Buffer in exciter rating Will handle more occurrence of suddenly applied loads
Avoidance of overhung sheet metal Elimination of vibration
Appropriate electrical steel in rotor and exciter Self build up no magnets required
Dampers in machine and circuit in voltage reg Suitable for parallel operation
All accessories built in to machine Economics and ease of packaging
Extraordinary add-on features Facilitate pay for only what is required
Provision for redundant AVR savings Facilitate pay for only what is required
Excitation panel as an option with grid paralleling optional features Factory interfaced unit
Already source with acceptance of leading consultants Natural choice for tender based requirements

Voltage 3 phase- 3.3 kV/6.6 kV/11 kV
Frequency 50Hz
Speed 1500 RPM
Ambient Temperature 40°C
Altitude 1000 mtrs above MSL
Insulation Class ‘F’
Voltage Regulation ±1%
Protection IP23
Excitation Closed loop with solid state AVR
Mounting Horizontal foot mounted




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Brushless Single and Double Bearing HV


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