AC Generator 100 to 650kVA, AC Generator 100 to 650kVA Manufacturer, Mumbai, India
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AC Generator 100 to 650kVA


AC Generator 5 to 90kVA


Compact and aesthetically built
Conforms to all leading industrial and marine standards
Simple design, fewer parts, easy access to coupling bolts, output terminals, and rotating diodes
Simple to install and maintain
Range of flange adopters and single bearing flexi-disc couplings
Wound with 2/3 pitches in stator to reduce harmonic effects.
Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) for providing constant excitation (Optional)
Paralleling with other generator or main grid
Self lubricating, sealed type for ball bearing
Sophisticated and reliable AVR, having good capability to handle non-linear loads.

Phase Three/single
Frequency, Hz 50
Voltage, V 415/240
Power factor, lag 0.8
Ambient 40°C
Altitude 1000 mtrs
Speed, rpm 1500
Mounting Horizontal foot mounted
Duty Continuous
Direction of rotation Clockwise from DE
Automatic voltage regulator M/c mounted
Voltage regulation +/-1% with 4% prime mover speed variation
Standards IS 4722 -1992, IEC 34
Class of insulation H
Temperature rise H
Enclosure IP 20
Cooling IC 01
Wave form distortion (thd) Less than 3%
Overload capacity 10% overload for 1 hour. once in 12 hours
Unbalance permitted 25% with none of the phase currents exceeding the rated current. Temperature rise limits for corresponding class of insulation may exceed 10°C under such conditions. Voltage regulation under above conditions will not apply
No. of bearings Single/double
Lubrication type Grease lubricated

Please refer to the marketing department for data on individual rating required.


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AC Generator 100 to 625KVA


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